Yulema has a bachelor's degree. Current occupation is listed as Construction and Extraction Occupations. Current address for Yulema is 3531 Southwest 29th Str, Miami, FL 33133-3401. This is a business registration address for Hap Billing, Inc. We know that Herminia AguilaNicolas Aguila, and five other persons also lived at this address, perhaps within a different time frame. (305) 799-8015 is the phone number for Yulema. Public records show that the phone number (305) 799-8015 is linked to Rosina FontanaLuciano C Fontana. Renting a two bedroom apartment in the zip code 33133 may cost you $1,830 per month, PD&R says. The popularity rank for the name Yulema was 45030 in the US in 2019, the Social Security Administration's data shows

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